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Report: Maintenance: Changed families

         Description: Families changed within the last 90 days

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# Family ID Person ID Last Name First Name FraupersonID FrauName FrauVorname Marriage Date Marriage Place Last Modified Date Living Tree
1 F1518  I5668  Strickland  Joseph  I442  Highsmith  Susan      2017-10-03 14:12:31  tree1 
2 F1519  I5669  Strickland  John Randal  I5670  Craven  Margaret Ann      2017-10-03 14:12:28  tree1 
3   I5673                     
4 F1520  I5672  Anderson  Marvin Willis  I5671  Strickland  Susan Isabelle      2017-10-03 14:11:16  tree1