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201 The Ohio Miracode Census Index shows Amos Bair living with his wife Mary and granddaughter Elena May Bair, Amos F. (I4733)
202 The Waupaca County census of Civil War Veterans in 1885 places Judah alive and living in Lind Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Brown, Juda J (I142)
203 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1494
204 There is a record of a Judah Brown serving in Company M, 1st Wisconsin Calvary during the Civil War Brown, Juda J (I142)
205 There is some debate about the true last name of Mary, wife of James Auterburn, Jr. The 1850 Sullivan County Census shows: Mary is also shown in several records and sources as Mary 'Polly' James Otteburn, age 37 Mary, age 34 Louisa, age 13 Sarah, age 11 Delsima, age 6 Larry Sylvester, age 60 Some sources have assumed that Larry Sylvester is the father of Mary, thus her last name is Sylvester. Other sources, primarily a statement taken from Sally Richardson Richesin, Louisa Auterburn's grandaughter, state unequivacally that Mary, wife of James Auterburn, Jr was in fact a Billingsley. Billingsley, Mary Sylvester (I2390)
206 This Family appears in the 1870 Monroe County, TN census, 1st Civil District (Athens) enumerated by J.H.C. Foster, 8/11/1870: Adam, age 78 Mary, age 65 Elizabeth, age 30 George, age 19 Nancy, age 18 In the 1880 McMinn County TN Census: Adam, 88 Mary, 76 George, 30 Elizebeth, 40 Also listed as same family (284) in the 1880 McMinn County, TN census was: Asa Sligar, 43 Matilda, 42 Magdalene, 20 Thomas, 18 Wiley, 12 Lou, 10 (female) In the 1880 McMinn County, TN Census, Adam states he was born in Tennessee, his father was born in Virginia, and his mother was born in Pennsylvania. The included Sliger Family Coat of Arms was discovered in Gatlinburg, Tennessee by Geneva Rainey. She had the original SCHLEICHER heading modified to read SLIGER. Sliger, Adam (I2474)
207 This family appears in the 1880 McMinn County, Tennessee Census: William, age 30 Nancy J. age 27 Cordelia age 7 Rebecca, age 4 Dora, age 3 Adam, age 6 months Smith, William A. (I50)
208 This name is alternately spelled: ELZEY Elsea, Tom (I2556)
209 This note appears in the Virginia Patent Book #10, as abstracted in Cavaliers and Pioneers, vol., 3, pg. 176: JOHN WATTS, 65 acs. (N.L.), Is. of Wight Co; on N. side of Maherin River, 23 Mar 1715, pg 259, Imp. of 2 pers.: Nicholas Baggett and Bartholomew Highsmith. This entry indicates that Mr. Watts was awarded 65 acres of New Land (previously unowned) as a result of his claim of paying passage to Virginia of the two persons listed. Highsmith, Bartholomew (I1)
210 Thomas is shown in the 1870 Monroe county census as being 28 years old, and a Rock Mason as a trade. Thomas remarried shortly after the death of Louisa in 1900 to a Doss. There is also a possibility that Thomas had a brother or a half-brother named Henry. Notes from Gwen Starnes of Madisonville, Tennessee, a long-time researcher of this family, show that Henry may have died during the Civil War, or possibly been badly injured. In these notes was an entry that Henry's mother was named Sarah Billingsley. Marriage of Thomas Jefferson and Louisa Arterburn Recorded in East Tennessee Marriage Index, Grooms, page 308. Thomas Jefferson Richardson is buried in an unmarked grave at Mt. Tabor Church, an abandoned church west of Sweetwater, Tennessee south of Route 68. Richardson, Thomas Jefferson (I48)
211 Thomas Purdom Born on 1751 at VA Enlisted in the Revolutionary War at Culpeper VA in Captain Harrison and Wm. Denton's Company, Col. John Green's Regiment on 6/??/1780. This regiment fought at Guildford Courthouse and Eutaw Springs. He was wounded in the battle of Ninety Six by a bayonet. He was discharged on 12/??/1781. Rev. War record at Card 759, roll 42. Lived on 1787 at Culpeper Co. VA There were no males with age 16-21. Lived on 1820 at Shenandoah Co. VA (#167) males 1 45+ (him); females 1 0-9, 3 16-25, 1 45+; slaves 1. On 8/8/1820 he applied to the Pension Commission of the Federal Government from Shenandoah Co. VA where he was then residing. He listed as dependents his wife and daughters Elizabeth, Lucy, and Nelly. He was granted Pension No. S-38321. Listed on pension roll of 1835. The biggest problem with the assumption that Thomas Purdom of GA is a son of this Thomas is that Zachariah he seems to have been born at the same time and to have lived at the right places to be a son. Purdom, Thomas (I35)
212 Thomas Purdom Born on 1780 or on 1781-1790 at Culpeper? VA Died on 8/4/1845 at Wayne Co. GA in his House. Buried at Hortense GA in the Purdom Old Field Grave Yard. Isaac Walton Purdom believed that the father of this person was Thomas Purdom of VA (given above). In particular, one relative wrote him that the Purdoms came from VA. Also he found the checks and eyes of a Purdom he met on 1915 at Danville VA to be similar to those in his family. It is said (perhaps by these Purdoms) that this Thomas Purdom had two sons, one of whom went to Georgia and one of whom went to Kentucky. Came about 1803 to Wayne Co. GA with the Dennison, the Pendarvis, and the Harper families (at this time the area was part of Glynn Co.). They settled south of Jesup near Gardi GA Served in Indian War of 1812. Will in Miscellaneous Record (1822-1870) p 140, Wayne Co. W4p235. Lived on 1820 at Wayne Co. GA males 1 16-25(brother of wife?), 1 26-45(him); females 5 0-9(Martha, Maria, Mary, Elizabeth, Lucratia), 1 16-25(wife?), 1 45+(mother of wife?). Drew land in Habersham and Irwin Co. in 1820 Land Lottery, implies claim as invalid or indigent veteran of War of 1812. Lived on 1830 at Wayne Co. GA males 1 5-9(Thomas), 1 15-19, 1 40-49(him); females 1 5-9, 3 10-14(Mary, Elizabeth, Lucratia), 1 40-49(wife?), 1 60-69(mother of wife?). Lived on 1840 at Wayne Co. GA males 2 0-4(William age 7, Archibald), 1 15-19(Thomas), 1 50-59(him); females 1 0-4(Matilda), 1 15-19(Lucratia), 1 20-29(Maria), 1 50-59(wife?). Purdom, Thomas (I9)
213 Timothy Fuller (Daniel, Daniel, Jonathan, Robert) was born in the Oblong, nr. Dover, Pawling Pct, Duchess Co., NY ca. 1740. Timothy died after 1809 in Northampton, Fulton Co., NY. He married Mary Gifford in Dutchess Co., NY, 1762. Mary was born in Rochester, MA 5 Jul 1745. Mary was the daughter of Capt. Gideon Gifford and Lois Jackson. The family moved from Dover to Kingston, Ulster co., NY, but did not stay long. By the time of the Revolution, probably ca. 1773, Timothy had moved his family to Pittstown, in the Schaghticoke district of Albany co., New York (now in Renssela er co.) Timothy served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Capt. James Hadlock's company under Col. Peter Yates' command in the 14th Regiment of the Albany County Militia. The 14th represented the Hoosick District (Col. Knickerbacker) and the Sc haghticoke District (Col. Yates). He served with his brothers Daniel and Jonathan and with his brothers-in-law Joseph Gifford and Henry Francisco. After the war, in 1793, he removed to Northampton, Fulton co., NY, where he belonged to a Baptist congregation serving Northampton and Edinburgh. Timothy and pastor Aaron Seamans were delegates to the August 16, 1809, session of the Saratog a Baptist Association. He is thought to have died soon thereafter, and his family then moved to Bayle (renamed Penfield), Monroe co., NY. Mary died in 1830 in Penfield, and is thought to be buried in a family plot at Lovett's Corners, near E. Penfield. Timothy Fuller and Mary Gifford had the following children: 33 ii. Mehitable Fuller was born in NY 1763. She married William Stark. 34 iii. Ebenezer Fuller was born in Dutchess Co., NY 14 Aug 1765. He married Bertha Sisson. 35 iv. Mary Polly Fuller was born in NY 1767. She married Judah Brown. 36 v. Daniel Fuller was born in Dutchess Co., NY 24 Aug 1769. Fuller, Timothy (I3815)
214 Virgie Terry, Sweetwater, TN 337-6689. Written notes from Gwen Starce state that Virgie reports her mother said she had an 'Uncle Ben Billingsley' and that they were also kin to Emma Bilderback. Richesin, Virgie (I2478)
215 Was a member of the jury that in 1698 tried the witch Grace Sherwood, and he was foreman of the jury that tried her again in 1705. (William & Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol 3, pp 100 and 191) Powell, Mark (I821)
216 Was a monk at Westminster Tudor, Owen (I4959)
217 Was living with sister Margaret Sliger Ritchey in Dallas County, Texas in 1880. Possibly died before 1900. Sliger, William David (I2693)
218 Was probably Col. John Powell, Burgess from Elizabeth City, 1657/8. In 1658 became Lieut-Col of the county militia. Powell, John (I161)
219 Washington County, Tennesse Will probated July, 1818. Children were mentioned in this will, including married daughters. Emigrated in 1786 from Pennsylvania to Washington County, Tennessee. Owned 300 acres of land near Little Limestone Creek, Te lford Pennsylvania. Sliger, John (I2656)
220 Washington County, Tennessee Deeds records show land transfers: James Arterburn Sr. to James Aterburn Jr. 11/7/1859 B-37-322 Patrick Irwin to James Arterburn 8/10/1814 B14-55 Elsea Arterburn from Issac Elsea 1833 20-42 & 20-45 Original Marriage Certificate on file in Woodstock, Virginia courthouse. Served in War of 1812 in Captain Hulse's Company. (Marriage and war records from Louise Arteburn Worley.) The text of the will of James Arterburn, Sr, as filed in Sullivan County, Tennessee, Will Book page 71, proven Jan 4, 1864 and witnessed by J.G. Capass and R.C. Kitsmiller: I, James Arterburn, Senr., do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made. First - I direct that my funeral expenses be paid and all my debts as soon after my death as possible, out of any money that I may died possessed of or may first come to the hands of my executor. 2nd - I give and bequeath to my beloved heirs, as follows Viz. to my son John Arterburn, an equal proportion of the money that comes into the hands of my Executors, also the money that I have let him have to be counted in with his part and the bal ance that received money to be deducted in the same way. Elsay Arterburn to receive the same. My will is that Isaac Arterburn heirs have $10.00 each to be paid to them when they become of age this amount is all they get out of my estate that is co ming. Elias Arterburn, to have the same as John and Elsay Arterburn, Catharine Waller the Same. William Arterburn to have the same with the deduction of $100 and interest paid. Mima P. Pickens to have the same as John and Elsay. James Jr. Arterbur n to have his portion of money and to come out of the note that he executed to his father James Arterburn Sen. for the land he bought. My will is that my three Granddaughters Isabel, Sarah Jane, and Delseana Arterburn, what little property that belongs to me after my death. My will is that Jane Chase have her part out of the notes that her husband Thomas J. Chase, execute d to me for the Chinoveth tract of land, with a condition provided that does not enter suit for the Waller tract of land, and if said Thomas J. Chase or Jane does enter suit for said tract of land, my Will is they shall have but $10.00 out of esta te to be paid by my Executor. Mary Hope is to have the same as John, and Elsay Arterburn. All that has got money of me to be counted up and deducted out of their parts. I hereby appoint and nominate Nathan Shipley and James Arterburn Jr. my execut ors. Signed and sealed in Our Presence and we have Subscribed Our Names in the presence of testator, this 2nd day of Jan. 1837. Arterburn, James Sr. (I2391)
221 Welsh Chieftan Tegeingl, Owain ab Edwyn of (I3982)
222 Widow of John Stuart Grace (I847)
223 Widowed very early, shown living with parents, then her brother Adam, and later in life (1930) with her daughter Nancy and son-in-law William Bright. Smith, Ollie Roberta (I2509)
224 Will dated 3/20/1834 lists seven children. Served in Revolutionary War, John Seviers regiment. Sliger, Henry (I2642)
225 Will executed on February 27, 1829, and admitted to probate on May 5, 1829. Highsmith, Jacob (I589)
226 Will of James Highsmith: Will of JAMES HIGHSMITH, Elbert County, Georgia, Will Book M, 1822-1825: In the name of God Amen. I James Highsmith of Elbert County & State of Georgia being sick and weak in body but of sound mind, memory, and the understanding praised be God for it and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time thereof and to the end I may be better prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please you to call me hence do therefore make and declare this my last Wil and Testament revoking all other wills by me heretofore made. First and principally I commend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God my creator hoping for full pardon & remision of all my sins and to enjoy everlasting happiness in the heavenly kingdom through Jesus Christ my savior my body I commit to the earth at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter mentioned and as touching such worldly esate wherewith it hath pleased you to bless me with in this life I give and bequeath the same in the following manner and form. Item, I give and bequeath to my loving wife Milly Highsmith one negro girl by the name of Lucy, one sorrel mare bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture together with all my household and kitchen furniture all my present crop of corn and other grain and fodder all my stock of hogs and one cow and calf and as touching other part of my estate I give and bequeath in the following manner and form following to wit unto Susannah Bobo, Lucretia Skelton, John Highsmith, Sarah Bobo, Winsey Griffin, Nancy Highsmith the following property (to wit) four negros namely Tom, Malinda, Hizy and Peggy, 1 still all my cotton excepting using cotton tobacco & remainder of my cattle, 2 horses to be divided among said children only one bed & furniture and two cows and calfs I give and bestow unto said daughter Nancy Highsmith more than the rest thru the remainder to be equally divided between said Nancy Highsmith and above named legatees and to my son Thomas Highsmith I give and bequeath all my land lying on the south side of Little Coldwater Creek whereon I now live also one negro nam named Siah and all my part of my road waggon and gear with all my farming utensils of all kind and one sorrel mare and also two sheep, and lastly I constitute & appoint my son John Highsmith and son-in-law Benjamin Bobo Executors to this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I the said James Highsmith the Testator have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty-fifth day of December Eighteen hundred and nineteen and in the presence of Test Tavener Rucker, William Rucker, Jep__ Wallis. JAMES HIGHSMITH [Seal] Elbert County, Georgia: Before us Jeremiah Thornton and Joseph Blackwell, Judges of the Court of Ordinary of said County personally appeared Tavner Rucker and William Rucker and being sworn say that they were present and saw James Highsmith sign seal and acknowledge the above instrument of writing to be his last will and testament and that he the said testator was of sound mind at the time he executed the same and that they togeteher with Je___ Wallis subscribed their names as witnesses to the same all in the presence of each other and in the presence of the said testator and at his request this to the best of our knowledge and belief. Sworn to before us this 10th day of March 1824. Joseph Blackwell J.J.C., Jeremiah Thornton, J.J.P. (signed) Tavner Rucker, William Rucker. Elbert County, Georgia: Court of ordinary November Term 1824. The foregowing will was presented in Court and ordered to be recorded attest Job Weston, C.C.O. Recorded the 10th of November 1824. Highsmith, James (I98)
227 William Ticknor & Hannah Stockbridge daughter of John Stockbridge were married 29th--8th month by Major Humphery Atharton. Family F1091
228 states that Joseph was baptized on 11 Aug 1782 at the Windsor Church, and died at Cortlandville, Chenango County, NY in 1850. He married Hannah Patrick, who sometimes is listed as Harriet GOODRICH of Colebrook, Connecticut on 14 Oct 1802. She died in 1850 or 1856 at Cortlandville, Chenango County, NY.

In 1808 they moved to Sherburne, Chenango County, NY - and about 1822 they moved to Cortlandville. He was a farmer.

This site also states that their son Hiram married, but had no children. This is obviously not true as Hiram is listed in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census with his wife and children.  
Eggleston, Joseph (I5346)
229 † death 0613, in the Battle of Caer-Legion, Chester, Cheshire, England. ·Killed by King Æthelfirth of Bernicia at the Battle of Caer-Legion. 'Bellum Caire Legion ubi sancti occisi sunt & cecidit Solon m. Conaen, rex Britanorum.' aka: King Selyf Sarffgadau of Powys, Solomon 'Battle Serpent' (English, Sarffgadau = Battle Serpent. ), Solomus filius Conanus (Latin. ). event 0613, in Chester, Cheshire, England. ·took a Powysian army north to join his 4th cousin Iago ap Beli and the united British force that was to fight King Æthelfirth of Bernicia at the Battle of Caer-Legion event 0598. ·succeeded his father, Cynan Garwyn, to the throne of Powys Powys, Selyf Sarffgadau ap Cynan o (I3994)

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