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New York, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 43.07510675117743, Longitude: -75.73182540320693


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Rebecca  06 Jun 1816New York, USA I4489
2 Birch, Mariam O.  17 Jan 1813New York, USA I146
3 Broad, Olive M.  1893New York, USA I2384
4 Brown, John Fuller  30 Mar 1809New York, USA I145
5 Browne, Chauncy  27 May 1836New York, USA I170
6 Browne, John Wesley  25 Oct 1839New York, USA I167
7 Browne, Joseph Rittner  08 Oct 1834New York, USA I147
8 Dopking, Nancy Ann  1831New York, USA I4536
9 Doran, Helen  15 Nov 1911New York, USA I5186
10 Fuller, Anne  1809New York, USA I4486
11 Fuller, John  1801New York, USA I4483
12 Fuller, Margaret Lovilla  1815New York, USA I4488
13 Fuller, Mary Malinda  1812New York, USA I4487
14 Fuller, Mary Polly  1767New York, USA I3813
15 Fuller, Mehitable  1763New York, USA I3817
16 Fuller, Rosella O.  1848New York, USA I4537
17 Fuller, Samuel  1799New York, USA I4482
18 Fuller, Sarah  1783New York, USA I3822
19 Fuller, Sarah  1803New York, USA I4484
20 Fuller, Sarah  Dec 1839New York, USA I4519
21 Gorham, Robert Tracy  1 Oct 1933New York, USA I5216
22 Grinnell, Amy  28 Feb 1787New York, USA I4524
23 Holdridge, Martha  08 Aug 1770New York, USA I4510
24 Tickner, Robert G.  1823New York, USA I4259
25 Woolsey, Joseph  16 May 1784New York, USA I4341
26 Wright, Genevieve Adalaide  01 Sep 1912New York, USA I2383
27 Wright, Nerton  1891New York, USA I5651


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mercy  New York, USA I4346
2 Fuller, Ira  08 Aug 1875New York, USA I4509
3 Fuller, John  17 Aug 1848New York, USA I3823
4 Gorham, Robert Tracy  13 Sep 1952New York, USA I5216
5 Grinnell, Amy  1880New York, USA I4524


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fuller / Grinnell  1804New York, USA F903
2 Fuller / Phelps  21 Feb 1821New York, USA F1137
3 Fuller / Sisson  1791New York, USA F899
4 Peck / Fuller  1832New York, USA F1136